Baby Jaxon | Creswell

Isn’t it crazy how things work out? You want something so bad and you wait… and wait… and wait… for it to happen.

And then all of a sudden you get a phone call.. it’s happening… in 2 weeks.

I bet I am not alone in saying that things don’t happen the way we thought they would, huh? I know this beautiful family can attest to that!

But you know what is amazing?

That things work out how they are MEANT to.

Not how we thought we wanted.

Not how we thought it would happen.

But exactly how God intended and planned it to be.

Jered & Lindsay (and of course Rugar too) had a long 7 year journey to get to where they are today.

But with only a 2-week notice, they welcomed sweet baby Jaxon into their loving home.

More on this precious families story later… but for now… I will let the pictures do all the talking.

Welcome to the world Jaxon. You’ve got some incredible parents.




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