Doug + Brittanie | Columbia Gorge

Wowzers, it’s been awhile since I have blogged. #momlife 

Life has been so incredibly crazy for my little family lately. But lots of good changes ahead!

But on a more relevant note, I finally finished up Doug + Brittanie’s engagement photos! #win

I met Brittanie last year when I was living in Spokane. I had done newborn photos for her nephew, and when looking for someone to be a practice model for me, I just knew she would make it easy (she is just too dang gorgeous)!

Fast forward >>> to this past January when I get a message from Brittanie, “This is a stretch, but are you going to be in Spokane at all this summer?”… Now keep in mind, I had just had a baby and traveling seemed like it wasn’t gonna happen for awhile haha. So I told her I wasn’t planning on it but “why, what’s up?”… and folks, that is when she laid it on me that she was going to be getting married in August and I was their first pick for photography!  SAYYY WHAAAAT?????? Two things ran through my head… 1. YOU’RE ENGAGED?! HOW DID I MISS THAT? (They hadn’t made the announcement yet… but it was super cute!) 2. Wait a second… you want little ‘ol ME to capture such a huge moment in your lives?! But I am just now starting to really pursue this passion of mine. ARE YOU SURE?! That’s such a big honor.

Honestly, not quite sure if she would have let me say no. lol! But I am so glad I didn’t!

For their engagement photos, we decided to meet somewhere in the middle, between Eugene + Spokane. To Pinterest and google I went! I found these two incredible places off of the Columbia Gorge.

We met at the Stonehenge Memorial and these two braved the ridiculous wind. Then we ventured around the old little abandoned town near there (that’s where we found the awesome white church)! Then we headed down a gravel road for about 7 miles or so to get the Dalles Mountain Ranch. So totally worth it!

Doug + Brittanie are some of the most genuine, gracious (especially after our truck broke down on the way to their engagement session making us like 4 hours late), loving, selfless people I have ever met. They were SO much fun working with and braving the crazy Columbia Gorge wind. I honestly cannot wait for their wedding this summer!

Doug + Brittanie… don’t let the world dull your love for life, God, each other, and others. You guys really have something special. 



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